NO Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Required: Everybody Wins

As a Seller interviewing a potential REAL ESTATE LISTING AGENT you should ask the following questions-

How important is the MLS to your success?

Can you sell my home WITHOUT posting it to MLS?

Can we try?


Let’s say Mr./Ms. Real Estate Listing Agent we try to sell my home directly to the Home Buyer and forgo using a third party Seller/Buyer agent and the closed broker network system of the MLS.

In addition, I only want to pay you a fixed fee of $7,000 to sell my $400,000 home.  Yes, I realize using the traditional commission broker model I would pay $20,000, but how much of that commission pie (money) do you really get to keep after desk charges and other associated fees?

Don’t you think my offer is more than fair to you? And to me? I think my suggestion is a WIN-WIN for us both. You get to put more money in your pocket and I get to SAVE money ($13,000) compared to using the traditional broker commission model.

The best part is you still get to shine and use all your sales and marketing skills (outside of MLS) to sell my home and show me (the Home Seller) how good you really are.

So Mr./Ms. Real Estate Listing Agent can you do it, can you sell my home without posting it to MLS?

Then we both can be WINNERS!


Donald Van Dyne is THE FSBO ADVOCATE. He is also a licensed real estate agent in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the principal at JABIN Software, the developer of the iGOfsbo system. Donald is a seasoned entrepreneur and has over twenty years of experience owning and operating businesses.  For the last twelve years his focus has been in real estate sales, real estate development and property management. Donald can be reached at 978.250.FSBO (3726) or To check out the Evolution of Real Estate Sales & Marketing please visit us at